Physical therapy involves using a variety of techniques to diagnose and treat individuals of all ages. We work with a variety of medical problems, illnesses, or injuries that limit your ability to move and function in your daily activities. Focusing on total body function, we will work with your muscles, joints, ligaments, and nervous system to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, and restore function for a healthier and more active lifestyle.


Our physical therapists work with clients to improve strength and coordination as well as helping to strengthen legs, trunk, and muscles. We emphasize the importance of having good posture, ability to ambulate, and having a comprehensive home program.


Our team of experienced physical therapists and athletic trainers understand the high demands of your sport and are here to support treatment and prevention of associated injuries. We’ve worked with a wide variety of athletes and have the expertise to identify and target key muscle groups that are most vulnerable to damage as a result of concentrated exertion.


Our work with athletes returning from injury has been proven to be extremely successful. Patients come to our facility from Arcadia, Monrovia, Sierra Madre, Temple City, and throughout southern CA after they’ve been affected by various athletic and sports related injuries. The certified therapists at Elite Motion are able to identify the best treatment method for each of our patience based on their unique circumstances.


At Elite Motion, we also specialize in working with athletes to avoid common injuries and improve overall physical abilities. We create customized wellness plans based on each individual’s physical attributes and perform comprehensive movement assessment based on the athlete’s sport then institute an integrative program of power, strength and speed to reach your goals.